A’Safwah Dairy, the largest vertically integrated dairy company in Oman, has earned the loyalty of its ever-growing customer base by offering premium quality fresh milk and dairy products. Its Turkish labneh and fresh laban & laban drinks are increasingly popular in the market.

“A 100% Omani company with almost four decades of experience, A’Safwah reserves a good understanding of the local market and the preferences of its people,” said spokesperson, A’Safwah. “During summers, we have seen an increase in the demand for fresh and flavored laban & various laban drinks (incl Jeera Laban) which is a well-known source of nutrition and helps to keep the body hydrated while replenishing electrolytes.”

To suit the varying taste buds and preferences of its consumers, A’Safwah’s laban drinks come in a variety of flavors. Its fresh laban comes in a full cream variant as well as delicious strawberry flavor while its fresh laban drinks come in plain and jeera flavors.

Another A’Safwah product that has been a favorite amongst consumers is the delicious, soft and easily spreadable Turkish labneh. Recognized as a healthy source of protein and probiotics, it’s also a versatile ingredient that can be added to a variety of dishes for a tangier flavor.

Commenting on the product, spokesperson said, “Our Turkish labneh has a distinct full-bodied flavor that our customers love. Not only is its high nutritional value but it can also be used to stir up a variety of unique dishes. Light-weight and healthy, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day even on its own.”

A’Safwah’s Turkish labneh can be paired with local favorites like baba ghanoush, falafel, stuffed grape leaves or even just with regular pita. Adding a zesty touch to any dish, it is often used to make pies, dips and salads.

“Full of flavor and goodness, A’Safwah’s Turkish labneh adds a distinct taste to my favorite dishes. Turkish labneh goes with a variety of dishes and during festive seasons I often experiment with new recipes that my family always enjoys,” testifies Asma Abdullah Al Badi, who has been a loyal customer of A’Safwah. “When I have to make a quick, light and easily digestible snack for my children, I usually make a sandwich with labneh, vegetables and a sprinkle of zaatar, and pair this with A’Safwah’s laban drinks.”

Encouraging consumers to follow a healthy lifestyle, A’Safwah also ensures its remains committed to providing farm-fresh dairy products while adhering to the highest quality standards throughout all its operations. Its world-class dairy farms, advanced infrastructure and excellent distribution systems, complements its decades of knowledge, expertise and experience in the dairy farming industry, therefore, bringing to consumers products that are premium quality, fresh and local.