CEO's Message

I am very proud to working closely with all of you, our different business units, Government representatives and our many partners, to address the challenges ahead, drive growth and move the business forward to the mutual benefit of all parties.

While change is a constant, it is important to recognize that various external factors and regional conflicts have substantially increased the challenges & difficulties we face in pretty much every area of our business. These restrictions have caused problems in sourcing materials and distributing products in our supply chains; challenged product quality & innovation in our manufacturing processes; challenged our work schedules and teamwork; and made communicating efficiently with our consumers & customers more difficult.

Every business faces these challenges, and the ones who succeed will be those who work collaboratively, are creative, agile, and adapt quickly, who develop solutions to meet these challenges. With the full support of the  New Chairman & Board of directors of DFI, I believe that we have the ability and desire to achieve this goal and push our business forward.

Due to these challenges, we are reviewing our many processes and methods for sourcing, innovating, manufacturing, and distributing raw materials and finished products from our partners to consumers. Technology and collaboration will help support our approach at all levels, from sourcing more raw materials locally, to teamwork through video conferencing, to more communication with our consumers through digital and social media, to deliver directly to consumers through e-commerce.

All of this can happen if we all work together & support each other. Teamwork is key, as well as everyone taking responsibility for their part of the plan.

I believe we have the people, the brands (A’Safwah & A’Sanabil) and the heritage from our long history in Oman to help us adapt to this new environment, overcome the challenges, and help in ensuring food security for the Sultanate of Oman. Innovation, cost optimization, brand building and ecommerce will help to drive growth and improve profitability, creating added value for our employees, customers, and shareholders.

I firmly believe in positive thinking, teamwork and excellent execution. From what I have seen so far, I believe that we have all the elements necessary for success. With your help and commitment, I think we can do it. I look forward to celebrating our success together.


Ahmed Ali Salem Qatan
Acting CEO
Dhofar Foods & Investment (SAOG)