The oldest and largest vertically integrated dairy company in the Sultanate of Oman, A’Safwah has become the popular choice for fresh milk among children and adults in the Sultanate. With a legacy of almost four decades and sold under the brand name A’Safwah Milk and Dairy, this fresh milk, which is produced in the pleasant weather of Dhofar, has been a household name ever since it first launched in the Sultanate. As a 100% Omani company that understands the dynamics of the local market, A’Safwah also recognizes the importance of having a strong logistical backing to enable its products to be transported in the right conditions so as to ensure farm-to-table freshness to end consumers.

“When we say ‘nature’s best for your family’, we truly live up to the conditions required to produce the highest quality fresh milk. The practice of dairy farming has existed for years and is an important part of agriculture. We attribute our premium quality products to the keen attention paid in following ethical practices of cattle rearing, maintaining state-of-the-art production facilities and ensuring that our distribution and delivery network is efficient, timely and quick,” said A’Safwah spokesperson. “As Oman’s first fresh milk company, A’Safwah has grown to become a household name in the country. Fresh milk provides several nutritional benefits, which is why it forms such an essential part of an individual’s diet. While being high on nutrition, our fresh milk has a distinct taste that our customers are increasingly familiar with and have grown to love.”

Maintaining the right temperature throughout, constant monitoring and testing, and quick transportation are important factors that ensure freshness when it comes to dairy products, especially fresh milk. With its dairy farms located in the Dhofar region, A’Safwah’s well-knit distribution channel ensures that the time required for delivery from the farm to retailers is minimal. Proving to be a huge advantage for the brand, A’Safwah has been instrumental in encouraging consumers to opt for locally produced fresh milk as opposed to imported milk.

Ensuring the perfect balance between technological advancements and ethical practices, A’Safwah also pays special attention to the well-being of its cows. Identifying physical, mental and natural living as the three conditions essentially for cows to produce high-quality milk, A’Safwah works closely with environmental advisors and local and regional environmental regulators to implement all the necessary steps to ensure that the cattle is well-nurtured and raised in the most hygienic conditions. The cattle are given an organic, balanced nutritious feed prepared by an experienced nutritionist, which meets the cow’s requirement to produce the milk of highest quality and to maintain highest health standards of the cows. The unique climate in the Dhofar Region, where A'Safwah’s farms are located, also provides the ideal conditions for cattle rearing and dairy herd management in the whole of GCC.

Backed by modern processing plants, an efficient distribution network with 8 depots and more than 100 plus delivery trucks to cover the sultanate, and strong customer-first marketing practices, A’Safwah has grown to be a preferred favorite in the segment. With an ever-growing customer base, A’Safwah has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide its consumers with the highest quality fresh milk that is tasty, nutritious and local.