Oman’s oldest and popular milk brand, A’Safwah is back with yet another ‘fun in a bottle’ offering of its flavored milk range. The brand has officially unveiled a new mascot for its strawberry and banana flavored milk products, enticing children to experience the delicious flavors of this locally produced milk, enriched with the goodness of fruits. With superhero Safwan, A’Safwah intends to pave the way for an evolving and fast-growing category of milk products, and reach out to its target audience, primarily kids, through creatively engaging ways.

The hero, Safwan, is a fun and energetic child, who derives his superhero-like qualities from A’Safwah strawberry and banana milk shakes. With the introduction of Safwan, the oldest and one of the largest integrated dairy company in the Sultanate, reflects its determination for diversification and innovation offered by its high-quality products, which today enjoy wide trust among children and adults alike.

A company spokesperson said, “We launched the flavored milk with Safwan character, to encourage children to keep drinking milk, taking advantage of its nutrients that boost their body strength and health. We also recognize that the character of the little Omani Safwan will help mothers attract the child's interest in healthy food and stimulate their sense of fun when drinking strawberry and banana flavored milk.”

Being a 100% Omani brand, A’Safwah has extensive experience of the local market. Through the company's research to meet consumer needs, the company has sought to create an inspiring personality that encourages kids to maintain their body strength and helps mothers offer their children the best healthy drinks. It is expected that the hero Safwan will contribute to increasing children's love of drinking A’Safwah flavored milk, and boost their utilization of the nutrition ingredients the product provides in a pack that suit kid’s needs.

“We aim to enhance mothers' trust in A’Safwah products as a first choice for their children. This can be achieved by providing the most benefit possible in our premium products, and this is reflected by blending the benefits of natural milk and fruit flavor into a small 200ml pack, which gives children beneficial nutrients and a feeling of refreshment. We affirm our commitment to provide all consumers with high-quality, fresh, locally produced milk and dairy products,” the spokesperson added.

A’Safwah Dairy and Beverages Company has chosen to mix banana and strawberry flavors with milk due to these fruits popularity among most children. Milk and its derivatives have been scientifically proven to be a primary source of calcium and potassium. It is one of the best nutrients for certain vitamins. Furthermore, banana is known to be rich in many nutrients, as it contains antioxidants that may help reduce the risk of many diseases. Strawberries also contain good amounts of vitamin C for children’s health and help to maintain blood pressure at normal levels.

A’Safwah dairy began as the preferred brand in the Dhofar Governorate, and with remarkable growth in the brand market, the company's products managed to capture significant market share across Oman. A’Safwah dairy company is proud of its high-end farms and infrastructure, and modern distribution systems including their 8 facilities in Oman that ensure the finest hygienic products are provided with a great and distinctive taste.